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Find the nearest Beer Stores, LCBO's and stores authorized to sell beer in Ontario.

Search by location or search by beer name.

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Beer Me generates a map or list of all Beer Store, LCBO and Ontario authorized beer retailers by distance from your search location. 

Search your location

Find the nearest beer retailers by distance to your location or search a specific place, address, city or postal code.

Search by beer name

Find the nearest beer retailers that stock a specific beer by distance to your location.
LCBO full product list, Beer Store partial list.

View stock levels

View stock levels at each store on the map when searching by beer.
LCBO full stock list, Beer Store partial list.

View store hours

Beer Me displays current store status open/closed as well as opening/closing times.

Dark mode

Beer Me supports dark mode. Open the settings menu to switch on Dark Mode.

Progressive web app

Add the Beer Me app on mobile by opening the share menu on your OS and adding Beer Me to your home screen.

Fully responsive

Beer Me is fully responsive and has been optimized to work on all devices.

Empties returns

Beer Stores that are accepting empties returns are identified in the popup details of their map icon.

New features coming soon

Beer Me is currently in beta.